By using the BullishFx application and the Meta Trader 4 application (Mobile Trading System / Meta MT 4), members certify that they have understood, comprehended, and agreed to all the terms of the use of direct trading (online trading), and the applicable international trade regulations, an account opening agreement with Oval Inc. Seychelles, and understand how and / or the mechanism of using the BullishFx Mobile and / or MT4 applications, along with the features of the BFx Mobile and / or MT4 applications provided properly and correctly.

All instructions or orders entered by the member via the BFx Mobile and / or MT4 application using the member’s user id and password will be the full responsibility of the member. Members are required to maintain the confidentiality of the member’s user id and password and change passwords on a large scale. Members are required to ensure that all orders submitted are appropriate and correct. Members also realize that all information obtained from this application is for members’ personal needs, and is non-commercial.

Oval Inc. Seychelles is not responsible if at any time there are data inaccuracies, failures and delays in data usage, system functions and delays in data use, functions and application of this application system caused by but not limited to failure / error in hardware / equipment or software / applications, technical inaccuracies, internet / network connection delays and / or failures, delayed transmission of computers / mobile devices and / or market conditions, the need to carry out infrastructure maintenance, including but not limited to market suspension liquidity, trade restrictions, volatility, queues market, trading system failure, including other force majeure conditions which may result in losses including lost profits, lost business opportunities and / or business losses or other losses for users of this application.

Member hereby also releases Oval Inc. Seychelles, affiliates, shareholders, Directors, Employees, Affiliates completely from all claims, losses, payments or any costs incurred, either now or in the future caused by these things, either directly or indirectly.

Oval Inc. Seychelles reserves the right at all times to the internal policies of Oval Inc. Seychelles to change, update and / or stop each feature, the combination of all features and the scope of this application, including stopping this application without warning and for any reason whatsoever. In this incident, Oval Inc. Seychelles cannot be charged for any claims, liabilities, losses, lost opportunities or other losses that may be experienced either now or in the future.

Oval Inc do not offer services to residents of certain jurisdictions including the USA, Iran, North Korea, Europe, the United Kingdom and others.